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Stu from MS Views and Related News stopped by yesterday, to tell me about the online resource library he's building for MS.

While he was here, he asked if I was just reading the weekly newsletter he sends or whether I was using the RSS feed of his blog for daily updates. I thought "RSS? I'm an LJer!" So I created a syndicated feed. If you want daily news in the world of MS, go add [ profile] msviews to your friends list.

Also, thanks to everyone who responded to my poll! I'll leave it open for another week or so, in case more readers want to weigh in. (Oh, and if you don't have an LJ account but want give your opinion on the poll, this journal does accept anonymous comments!)
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This week, I've spent a lot of time evaluating the MSF Ambassador applications; this afternoon, I spent an hour with Jeff Segal. All of this has served to remind me of one very important fact - one that all the MSF staff try to keep in mind: The people who know best how to live with MS are the people who do live with it every day.

As I've said before, the MSF is a 'people first' organization. We're here to help people with MS with their immediate, real-time needs, and the first need we meet is treating people with compassion and respect. If you call us during our working hours, you will get a live person on the phone - no pressing 1 for this department or 2 for that one, but a live, friendly voice. We listen to what you have to say.

So in that spirit of listening, a poll!

I've been wondering, what would the readers here like to see in this journal? For MS news, we've got you covered - you can get the syndicated feed at [ profile] msfocus. (Although, I confess that our news service is suspended right now as our website is redesigned. It'll be back shortly.) But here are some other options, and you can check as many as you like:
[Poll #1388190]
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I just got an email that our RSS feed (which you can find here on LJ as [ profile] msfocus)was added to Alltop's MS page. Alltop is apparently a service that aggregates RSS feeds by topic - they call it an online "magazine rack." I was really impressed with how the information was organized. It's nice to have all the newest MS headlines at your fingertips. How cool is that?

Also, did everyone see the segment with David Osmond on American Idol last night? (I remember when Alan Osmond was diagnosed, but I didn't realize his son had MS as well.) I just love it when MS gets national media attention! The more people learn about the disease, the more support there is for the cause. While he's probably not one of the contestants I'll personally root for (I have very strong Idol opinions, you see), I do wish him the best in the competition and hope he continues to speak out for people with MS.


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