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A few months ago, I had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Andrew Brown, a Miami-based neurologist specializing in MS, to update the treatment information videos on our website. A whole new series has been posted as of today. You can find them on the Newly Diagnosed page in the Coping with MS section.

While I had Dr. Brown in front of the camera, I decided to ask him a few questions for our readers here. His responses really show his commitment to the MS community.

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As the administrator of the MSF forums, I've heard a lot of 'bad doctor' horror stories over the years. People get frustrated with the way they're treated, but often feel like they don't have a choice or feel like it's the same everywhere. But (for most of us, anyway) there is a choice, and we at the MSF always urge people to keep looking until they find a doctor they're comfortable with and trust.

Half a dozen of us at the MSF were lucky enough to have one of those doctors - the kind who make you comfortable and inspire trust - but that doctor passed away this week. These are the things we loved about him, and the things we'll be looking for in a new healthcare provider.

The makings of a great doctor: a list )

These are the things I hope each of you will find when choosing a doctor, and I hope you won't settle for less. I know I won't - I've been spoiled.


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