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It's been an exciting week in MS and it's only Thursday! Ampyra was approved by the FDA for MS-related mobility impairment, and human trials began on a drug that is hoped to promote nerve regeneration in people with MS.

The MSF is today's featured charity on YourCause for Human Services. YourCause is an interesting site because it allows you to really connect with others who support the causes you're interested in.

In upcoming news, the MSF's Cooling Program begins its annual cycle on Feb. 1. If you're in need of a vest or other cooling items for next spring and summer, apply early! The applications will be available on once the program cycle officially begins.

National MS Education and Awareness Month is coming up quickly too. More about that soon!
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2009 is just hours away - a thought which leaves me shaking my head and biting back cliches about time flying. But what does 2009 mean for people who need the MSF's services?

Well, a new year means a new budget. Our year-round programs - such as those that provide homecare, durable medical equipment, assistive technology, and computers - tend to run low on funds toward the end of the year. So if you're in need of services, the first quarter is a good time to think about applying.

Also, one of our cyclical programs - the Cooling Program - starts in the first quarter. Applications will be available Feb. 1, and will be accepted through June 1. I know that for many of you, cooling is the last thing on your minds right now... as you're struggling through a few feet of snow to get to your cars. But come June or July, will you be feeling the same way? Get your applications in early!

We're also really looking forward to National MS Education and Awareness Month in March, and especially to our Be Visible initiative, through which we'll be selecting and training individuals to serve as MS advocates and MSF ambassadors across the country. But I'll tell you more about that after the holiday.

For more information about any of the MSF's programs and services, or for applications to the programs I mentioned above, see


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