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This article ran in today's issue of MSFYi, and I had to share it with you:

MSF Joins Forces with MS Technology Collaborative

For nearly a decade, MSF has helped to connect the MS community to assistive technologies (AT) through our Assistive Technology Program. We are pleased to announce that MSF has taken that commitment one step further by becoming an Affiliate Partner of the MS Technology Collaborative, a joint-effort between Microsoft, the National MS Society and Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals. Created in 2007, the Collaborative is dedicated to helping people living with MS overcome cognitive, vision, and dexterity challenges through the use of AT.

The Collaborative’s home is, a comprehensive online resource built for the MS community by the MS community. With the guidance of a steering committee of nine people living with MS, has become a one-stop-shop for AT information and resources. Here, visitors can use the “Snapshot” tool, a short quiz that provides customized technology solutions based on each individual’s specific needs. also offers user-submitted technology tips, a monthly column on how to incorporate AT into your daily life, and an abundance of information about specific types of AT that are available, including options that are affordable and at times even free.

As an Affiliate Partner, MSF will work closely with the Collaborative, contributing content to and Helping to promote the Collaborative’s efforts to the MS community.

One such project that we’re particularly excited about is the development of an online game designed specifically to address the cognitive challenges of people living with MS. Expected to launch in June 2009, this game is being developed in consultation with leading healthcare professionals as well as several members of the MS community.

In the coming months, the Collaborative will look to the MyMSMyWay community to test the initial version of the game. Click here to register with and be one of the first to play this landmark game and provide your feedback.

We look forward to our ongoing partnership with the Collaborative, which we’re certain will help us continue to bring critical information and resources to the MSF community.

Some personal perspective: I imagine I'm preaching to the choir here on LJ, but I believe that computer technology is an essential of modern life. Today, access to the digital world is as critical to most people's daily activities as the access to public buildings and services guaranteed under the ADA. The difference is that a curb cut is always a curb cut; technology changes, progesses, and evolves, just as the condition of people with MS can change and evolve. For these reasons, your needs in terms of access to technology may not be the same tomorrow as they are today.

That's what makes a resource like so valuable. It not only provides a comprehensive picture of what's currently available in assistive technology, but it provides the ability to assess your current, real-time needs and find the right tool for the job.

I am absolutely thrilled to be working alongside the Collaborative. And a cognition video game just for folks with MS! How cool is that???


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