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As you may know, each year the MSF hosts National MS Education and Awareness Month (TM) in March. Around here, we informally call the planning committee "the March Awareness committee." This drives our executive directors crazy, because as they've pointed out - correctly and repeatedly - we are not raising awareness of the month of March. We are raising awareness of MS. But then again, we try to do that every day. March is special. :-)

Two weeks ago, the planning committee had its first meeting for National MS Education and Awareness Month in March 2009. The purpose of the first meeting is always to develop a theme - a brainstorming process fraught with a lot of awkward silences, silly outbursts, laughing, and repeating of the same thing five different ways, but the end result always happily surprises us all. Somehow, we always seem to come up with a strong message, succinctly expressed.

This year's theme is (::drumroll::) MS: Now You See It, Now You Don't.

Stop and think about it for a minute. It'll hit you.

It did, right? You got it? I think anyone with MS, or who has a loved one with MS, relates to that sense of unpredictability. Symptoms that come and go, or were just invisible to begin with, are part of what makes living with MS so tough. We'll have new publications dealing with those symptoms, and some other theme-related activities in store. Tune in here for details as the time draws closer.

LJ Housekeeping note: To those of you who've friended this journal, hi! I just wanted you to know that we haven't friended you back because we've decided not to friend any journals without explicit permission. If you'd like us to, drop a comment please!


Aug. 14th, 2008 11:36 am
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Hello, LJers!

This is the journal of the staff of the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. Why is the MSF starting an LJ for their staff?

Well, mainly because you're here - people with MS talking about MS. We need to know what you've got to say, so that we can better serve your needs. Of course, we'd also like to tell you what we're up to. We have some pretty terrific services, all offered free of charge, and we'd like to make sure you know about them and can take advantage of them. So getting in touch should be good for us all.

If you have any questions about who we are and what we do, comment to any post and we'll respond. And if you have any communities or journals you'd recommend we watch, let us know that too!


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