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March is just around the corner, which means one thing for the MS community and the Foundation –National MS Education and Awareness Month (NMSEAM) is kicking into full gear. From fundraisers to passing out awareness kits, the key this month (and all year long) is spreading awareness throughout the community about what MS is and how it affects those that are living with it.

Each year we come up with a theme and initiative to help spread awareness by engaging the MS community. Our Awareness Committee put on our thinking caps and came up with a pretty great theme for 2012, (drumroll, please)…”At Your Best with MS.” While many ideas were in the running, we chose this one because we felt it was incredibly important to encourage people with MS to do everything they can to maintain the BEST quality of life possible with the disease.  Only you know how this may apply to your own life with MS, but for many people, being “At Your Best with MS” means adhering to medication plans, eating healthy, keeping fit, finding hobbies and interests that bring pleasure, developing a support network, maintaining good emotional health, and continuing employment when possible.

With the theme decided upon, we needed to come up with an initiative that allowed you to showcase how you are “At Your Best with MS,” and how as you journey through life, you discover that you can do some things better than other things. Thus our 2012 initiative was born – “Show us Your Best.” Embracing your creativity with an essay, poem, video, etc., we want to know what you do well and how you use your best to help the MS cause. Grand prize winner will receive a cruise for two aboard the MSF’s Cruise for a Cause 2013.

We always look forward to NMSEAM because it is a time for the MS community to band together to bring awareness of MS to the forefront.  So please join us this year in showing the MS community your best! For more information on how you can get involved or to request an awareness kit, contact us at 800-225-6495 or email


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